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Weightloss & Obesity

Odd Herb Mix Melts 72Lbs In 4 Months

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Last week, while at a nutrition seminar in Boston, I met Dawn Sterrit.

She had become a minor celebrity in the health world because after she lost 72 pounds in just 4 months at the age of 53…

She started sharing her method on social media, and over 20,000 women over the age of 50 have reached their ideal weight by following it… 

Her speech was so good, that when it was over, I decided to introduce myself to her…

We spent over 20 minutes talking, and after we became friends, she offered to share her secrets with my subscribers, which made me so happy!

Dawn had to go through a heart attack to get the wake-up call she needed to discover an odd herb mix that is so efficient that even her – a lazy mom – was able to lose 2 pounds every 72 hours. 

She dropped 72 pounds in just 4 months, was promoted as the head of the HR department at the company she was working, and her new boyfriend recently proposed to her!

If you want to lose over 20 pounds in just 30 days and keep them off for good, I recommend to watch Dawn’s story on the page below…

Odd Herb Mix Helped Dawn Melt 72Lbs In 4 Months

From 191Lbs To 136 In 3 Months At 65

If you do these simple workouts daily for 2 months, you will lose at least 30 pounds!

Susan lost 53 pounds in just 3 months because she did the workouts every 2 days!

She was successful even though she is 65!

Applause her and read her story below and learn why you should start doing these workouts daily!!

“Hi. My name is Susan and I recently turned 65.

For a long time, maybe for over 20 years, I struggled with my weight and a few health problems, low self-esteem and a very low energy level…

For the last 5 years, since my husband got sick, I didn’t care so much about the fact that I was over 190 pounds… as I was mostly worried about him.

And when my husband passed away last year, after 45 years of marriage, at first, I didn’t even care about going on…

But my daughter asked me to move in with her…

So I decided to sell our old home and move in with her and her 5 amazing kids.

As soon as I moved in, I realized that I needed to get my health and energy back, as I was exhausted just from trying to keep up with them…

And I also wanted to inspire my daughter, as she was also over 60 pounds overweight….

I tried many programs in the past, but nothing worked for me!

They all fooled me that I would get great results but each time I started, I realized I was on another calorie counting nightmare and as soon as I took a small break, all my hard work vanished and I gained everything back and some more…

I had high cholesterol and high blood sugar, so I was also worrying about my health…

But I was trying to pretend I was happy, for the sake of my grandkids….

One evening, while at Walmart, I met Laura, an old friend.

I haven’t seen her since the funeral, and I was so surprised to see how much she had changed…

She must had lost at least 6 dress-sizes… and she was looking 10 years younger!

Of course I asked her what she was doing to look so great, and she told me that she has recently started a new program for women over 55

As soon as I got home, I got their program as well.

When I received it in my mail, 3 days later, I started doing it.

I started each morning by drinking a cup of “belly flattening tea” recommended with the program.

Then did one of the easy 15 minutes workouts.

Their meal plan was delicious and easy to prepare and the guidelines were easy to follow.

I also their metabolism boosting supplement with my meals, which made all the difference!

From the first week, I felt as if my metabolism was on fire!

I immediately noticed how my energy doubled, allowing me to keep up with my 5 grand-kids and play with them for hours, just as if I was a child their own age!

I could also help my daughter with everything she needed in her house!

Now, after just 3 months, I reached my ideal weight of 136 pounds and I feel how my life has purpose again!

I think I added at least 20 years of health to my life and I already picture myself as having lots of fun at my grand-kids weddings!

I wish my husband was alive to see me…

I am lean, healthy and so happy for being able to fit in a pair of skinny jeans!

I also inspired my daughter and she has already lost 36 pounds herself!

Imagine being filled with energy and feeling 20 years younger and being healthy and able to play with your grand-kids for hours each day without feeling any fatigue or pain…

I am sure that if I hadn’t started this new program, my metabolism would have gotten slower, my energy would have been really terrible…

And I would have not been able to keep up with my 5 grandkids and help my daughter, the way I do now!

I might have gotten sick, even followed the steps of my husband….

I certainly don’t want this to happen to you either, as I want the best for you, which is why I recommend you start doing these workouts today!

This easy plan has helped me change my life and turn my health around at the age of 65, so I think you will like it as well!”

Hope you enjoyed Susan’s story and you are motivated!

So, go to this page and check out this workout program for women over 55!

Ziploc Bag Mix Melts 6Lbs Per Week

“This Ziploc bag I’m giving you contains a little-known herbs mixture that will rejuvenate your metabolism so you can start burning fat like when you were in your twenties…

I get it from a shaman who lives in a forest from the southern part of the island and it has already helped 648 people melt 6lbs a week, so take it today”

That’s what my friend Dawn was told while she was on vacation in Hawaii, a few weeks after she suffered a heart attack… 

She was 216lbs and her heart couldn’t support her weight… 

But in the 2 weeks she spent in Hawaii, because of the green herbs mixture, she lost 12lbs and 3 dress sizes.

And when she returned home…

She continued to lose 1 pound every 3 days and dropped a total of 72lbs in under 4 months, so… 

Go To This Page To Discover The Little-Known Herbs Mixture That Melts 6Lbs/Peek!

Click Below To Learn More…..

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