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Big News! California man cracks the code in predicting stocks and publishes it!

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An educator cracked the code on stock patterns and his account jumped 96% profit in less than seven weeks. Verified by experts. His family is overjoyed! They moved into a house almost three times the square feet!!

And he’s teaching people because he loves to. And he’s good at teaching stuff…making woodheads into wizardheads in no time.


This could cost you your job, in a good way

There’s a very different, easy-to-learn pattern-trading trick that thousands are turning to for easy profits in 20 minutes a day of stock market trading.

Developed by an educator who had never touched stocks, crypto, or anything, who discovered a PREDICTABLE pattern that he plays daily.

He teaches others. He wants to empower people. Almost all of his students are totally green.

Sick of the stories of people killing it with crypto and stocks and other things, he was slaving his butt off making just enough to get by.

Well, he is a new father and wanted a better life for his family. Only because of this hack he figured out.

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Still struggling for extra income?

Look, for most people coming up with a good side hustle is a challenge…

And it’s life-or-death for some (like me) to solve this…

So you end up trying out a bunch of lame things and waste time and money.

I don’t want that for you, which is why I’m offering to give you access to the one I use that makes me over 10K per month.

It’s called 20-Minute Trader®. 1 hour a week of trading (20 min/day). It’s for both newbees or pros.

Get started right here at no cost…(limited time)

It’s guaranteed to have you trading confidently in NO time, and if it doesn’t we’ll personally work with you to solve it.

Stop messing around and take your side hustle seriously.

Now, this is the part where I’m supposed to add some scarcity to get you to start…but honestly your monthly side income numbers are going to do that for me.

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Best way to learn super part-time trading

The 20-Minute Trader® courses are the industry leader on trading short predictable patterns in the first 20 minutes of the day, using call options. Call options are actually understandable and are capable of producing 5 to 20 times the profit of traditional stock trading.

They are used so infrequently because they are abstract, but the 20-Minute Trader® system is genius at explaining these complicated financial instruments. And in only a few minutes you’ll be able to understand them, and with a tiny bit of practice be able to use them confidently.

We’ve seen a lot of new revolutionary ways to trade, with crypto going wild, blowing up random stocks and making millions, NFT’s gaining ground, fear of missing out is a constant state of existence for us.

Most of these depend on fad market conditions that are short lived, out of which sprouts a few millionaires that brag loudly.

Traditional folks that get their 8% a year over the span of 20 years don’t really care about these fads. But some of us really would like more than 8% a year.

The 20-Minute Trader® competes well with these new fad strategies because it works in all market conditions to allow one to trade confidently for only 20 minutes a day and have an awesome edge on the market. The reviews are incredible, the testimonials are awesome, and the course is super cheap.

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Founder of 20-Minute Trader® specializes in making complicated thing super easy. You could almost call it the 20-Minute Trader® for Dummies Class. People love the illustrations, the demonstrations, the clear and simple language used.

The course walks you through how to spot a pattern, how to trade on your brokerage account and what the few symbols and words mean that you’ll encounter. It gives great tips on how to dodge bullets and how to stay afloat in the river rapids of the stock market, tips that are dished out in a caring and understandable way.

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The story of the 20-Minute Trader® is rather interesting and brief. An educator stumbled across a predictable pattern in the stock market while dabbling in it. He traded only that one pattern for a few minutes every day and built up his account to 20 to 30 times in only months. Being an educator, he was a caring person and only wanted others to learn it. He found himself spending many hours a day teaching his friends, who couldn’t resist asking him more and more questions. When the demand grew too great, he made these video courses to accommodate the desire to learn these super successful techniques. That’s the simplicity of the story, at no point was the Founder looking to create a business out of this, but never did he want to deny people access to this knowledge.

“Simplicity is the key,” says Jeremy Russell, founder of the 20-Minute Trader®. “Flashy big words and symbols and complicated looking colorful graphs appeal to some people, but not me and my friends.”

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