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Spirituality & Meditation

Get Your FREE Astrology Forecast For 2022

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Are you feeling this HUGE shift in energy, There’s a LOT happening in the cosmos that is having MAJOR effects on our lovely planet right now…

-Solar flares
-Powerful astro events…

And these types of cosmic events can create quick (and drastic) shifts in human consciousness! Many people explain this as a shift from 3D to 5D awareness. And… most of this is happening because we’re now in the Year of the Water-Tiger…This is VERY different energy than the Year of the Metal-Ox we experienced in 2021. The shift from metal to water energy WILL impact every single area of your life, Whether it is a positive impact or a painful one depends on YOU and the decisions you make in Current Month. This year, you’ll need as much guidance as possible to leverage this shift in energy to your benefit, This personalized Water-Tiger Reading Sarah prepared for you will give you the specific guidance you need.

P.S. Time is of the essence, so go check out your personalized reading for CURRENT MONTH and the rest of 2022. And get the guidance you need to make the most of this powerful shift.

Big changes ahead, Your life is about to go through a radical shift in energy. And it will enable you to shift things very quickly in a positive way. But you must take action QUICKLY before DATE NEXT WEEK. Everything you need to know is in your Year of the Water Tiger Reading for 2022. It is like your own personal roadmap to guide you through the huge shifts that are happening over the next few months. It will enable you to leverage the energies of the Water Tiger to make major positive changes in every area of your life between now and end of this month. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, without this roadmap to guide your way, the next few months might be the hardest of your life. So go get your personalized Year of the Water Tiger reading and use these energies to your benefit instead of having them plow you under. And make sure you check out your windows of opportunity for CURRENT MONTH. They are super powerful if you leverage them with proper guidance!
P.S: I promise you… this is extremely different from any other astrology reading you have ever had, Make sure you check it out before it’s too late.

We have fantastic news for you! 2020 and 2021 had incredibly challenging astrological aspects. While these were necessary for your personal growth and the growth of humanity, it’s time to move on to more positive energy!Instead of challenging aspects with Pluto and Saturn, we’ll have a beautiful conjunction between Neptune and Jupiter in April that will be like a quantum leap for mankind. We can expect really HUGE things to happen at that time, including major amplification of intuitive abilities and even third eye vision. We’ll also experience the Pluto return for the birthday of the United States which will have an enormous impact not only on the US… but also the rest of the world because it will specifically affect the US economy in ways we can’t even imagine right now. But to make the most of this energy, you need to be prepared, Because there is only so much time to change the course of your life before these events speed up the pace of the road you are on. And there are some really impactful windows of opportunity for CURRENT MONTH that you can leverage to help you.Your complimentary Water-Tiger reading for 2022 holds the key to unlock 2022 in the most positive way possible.
P.S: There isn’t a lot of time to start making the changes you need to make early in 2022. So get your 2022 Water-Tiger reading before you miss the boat.

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