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In Just One Day This Simple Strategy Frees You From Complicated Diet Rules – And Eliminates Rebound Weight Gain

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I just used a simple trick that doesn’t involve eating any “special” foods, takes only 24 hours, and lets me eat my normal favorites 72% of the time…

Best of all you can start RIGHT NOW to look and feel noticeably slimmer by tomorrow!

[…I’m losing weight every time I use this trick — 5.5 lbs this last time…]

And a good chunk of this weight loss comes from your MOST stubborn and hard-to-lose body fat!

=> I’m losing 5.5 LBS [literally overnight]

“How Can Losing Weight Really Be This Complicated?!?”

In every other corner of my life I was in charge. And if you’re like me, you probably wonder how a free-thinking, sophisticated, clever and successful person like you can find losing weight so complicated and impossible…

Which is why I’m writing this page for you. Because I want to share the story of how blind luck lead me to Brad. And how he showed me the one simple weight loss strategy that replaced all the complicated rules and gave me back control.

Not only that, using this one strategy is also proven to rejuvenate your cells from the inside out. So you enjoy a more youthful appearance and energy while you brush away aches, pains and health troubles you used to accept as “normal”…

And I want the same freedom for you. However before you keep reading I should warn you…

The simple strategy you’re about to discover is not something the “gurus”, the big food companies, or the diet industry want you to know. In fact they’ve done their best to attack it with false labels like “controversial” or “dangerous.”

Which is why this information has been so hard to find until now. Just keep reading to find out what they don’t want you to know, and why…

The Secret Kept By Your Great, Great Grandparents That Unlocks Your Lean & Youthful Body

Chances are your Great Grandparents, and certainly your Great Great Grandparents happily ate fewer calories than you do.

However I’d be willing to bet they didn’t discipline themselves or give up specific foods. In fact…

If you could hop in a time machine and go back thousands of years to visit your ancestors, you’d see that for most of human history there was a very natural cycle of consumption. This kept our bodies lean, healthy and in balance.

You see, calories came in waves. Sometimes high and abundant. Sometimes low and hard to find.

And even today human communities in remote places still follow this natural cycle of high and low calories. And researchers who have visited these communities discover people who are lean, strong, youthful and shockingly healthy compared to the constantly overfed people in the modern world.

Listen: your biology is pretty much identical to your ancestors…

The worst diet rule you must NEVER follow

Would you be surprised if I said there are a LOT of really dumb diets out there?

Probably not right…

The sad truth is most diet “rules” just don’t work. However…

Be careful because some of them are downright dangerous and can make you fatter in the long run. Read through the page below to find out the worst diet rule that you must never follow…

=> This diet “rule” is making folks fat

Rule Breaker Diet: You Deserve The Maximum Results From The Minimum Work, do the most important 20% that gets you almost all your results in a fraction of the time.

Why can some folks eat whatever they want?.… and NEVER gain weight!?? 

We all have that annoying friend who can eat as much as they want, and whatever they want, and they always stay slim…

If you’re like me, you probably chalk it up to genetics. However…

Brand new research has revealed it’s probably something totally different — something under YOUR CONTROL that you can start changing today…

YES… it looks like we can ALL be one of those annoying people that can eat whatever we want and never get fat! 🙂 

Good Belly Bad Belly — How to protect yourself from the risk of obesity-promoting toxins created by the foods you eat. Weight loss meets healthy eating in this brand new book from Brad.

If You Can Stay Busy For 7 to 8 Hours, Then You Can Lose All The Weight You Want

Here’s what changed my life and my relationship to food…

Simply extending your normal overnight fast once or twice a week eliminates the need to diet. And it allows you to lose all the weight you want while you improve the markers associated with good health and longevity.

Now if you’re as busy as I am, those hours will fly by and you’ll barely notice them. In fact most folks report feeling more clear headed, alert and productive on those one to two days per week when they simply hold off on their first meal!…

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