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Health and Fitness

My Blood Sugar Stabilized… Thanks To This Herb

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High blood sugar is a modern day metabolic disorder. There are over 33 million people with diabetes and over 80 million diagnosed with prediabetes in the USA alone. One of the biggest frustrations diabetics and pre-diabetics are facing is the intolerance of blood sugar meds such as Metformin or Avandia. Based on clinical studies, Insulin Herb is formulated as a natural remedy to help manage blood sugar med without meds.


Insulin Herb (Berberine) also known as the Ayurvedic Miracle Plant, has been traditionally used as medicine for centuries by the Indians and Chinese. Recent years, due to the increasing trend towards Natural Botany Solutions, Western societies have only been made aware of its impressive medicinal benefits.

The anti-hyperglycemic potential of Berberine has been confirmed by multiple human studies. This highlights the ability of Berberine to support blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

The growing numbers of research papers published in various prestigious journals, including the Journal of Metabolism, evaluated and confirmed the anti-diabetic potential of Berberine. 

Top Questions Customers Asked

When can I expect results with Berberine?

Everyone’s body is unique so individual results may vary. While some customers started seeing early results in as early as 2 weeks, it typically takes up to 4 to 12 weeks for Berberine to kickstart glycolysis and the lowering of blood sugar levels. 

This is why we recommend trying Berberine for 3 months in order to enjoy the benefits.

However, within the first few consumptions, most customers tend to experience:

  • Greater energy
  • Reduction in weight
  • Less inflammatory pain in places like joints

Does Berberine have any side effects?

Berberine is not known to have any major side effects.

Berberine is made using high quality, natural ingredients and has been tested safe for consumption. It was formulated to be stimulant-free, which makes it ideal for long-term consumption.

How does Berberine help regular blood sugar?

Berberine works to activate the enzyme AMPK – which is known as the Master Metabolic Switch. Once this switch is turned on, the body starts burning sugar for energy. As sugar is burned for energy, no longer does it bind to your cells – resulting in the natural reduction of blood sugar levels. 

Will Berberine work for me if I’m not dieting or working out?

Yes, several of our customers who suffered joint pain or didn’t have time to work out were able to lower their blood sugar levels and blood glucose with Berberine. 

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