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Spirituality & Meditation

Why most prayers go unanswered, Is this the right way to pray?

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How a rogue group of ex-priests used Jesus’ secret teachings to manifest a life of abundance by using this simple daily habit

One of the most disheartening things one could experience is an unanswered prayer, as well intentioned as it may be.

Which often leads people to ask…“Why do my prayers go unanswered?”

But that’s the wrong question to ask. Because prayer is not just the words we say… it’s what you feel at your core.

Think about it… Which request should God listen to?

The one uttered from our lips? Or the one that reflects what we want to say deep from our core?

I bet you already know the answer. So the better question is…

“Do I really want what I’m about to pray for?”

Once you figure out what your heart really desires, it’ll become easier to pick and choose the right prayer based on what you feel.

And when that happens, you can always choose from this list:

[[FREE] Urgent Manifestation Prayers]

Inside you’ll find seven specific prayers for seven specific issues.

Whether it’s health, money, love, career, and even anxiety…

We have just the right prayer for you so you can be sure to never be at a loss for words.

Say them daily and watch God make miracles happen in your life

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How to pray like a true believer | Are your prayers spiritually immature?

Ever prayed for something so bad but instead of it happening, you actually got the opposite result?

I did. And it made me feel so alone and abandoned.

No peace. No comfort.

Just that sinking feeling that God had forsaken me.

And for a time, it led me to believe that praying doesn’t work — at least, not in the way that I believed it to be.

But as it turns out, I was simply [not doing it right.]

My prayers were a just mish mash of nice words strung up to sound holy which in reality sounds more like a buffet of vague requests that’s obviously spiritually immature.

Which is why I’d like to give you this…

[Urgent Manifestation Prayers (Free)]

Inside you’ll find seven specific and genuine prayers for seven specific issues to help you pray like a true believer would — not like a kid who think of God like a cosmic Santa Claus for the righteous.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

[Start having your prayers answered as soon as today.]

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Little known “habit” unlocks God’s hidden manifestation power…

Not knowing they can change the course of their lives… and manifest the life of their dreams… How?

By tapping into a set of newly discovered teachings by Jesus Christ!

Teachings which reveal how [a simple habit unlocks the flood gates of prosperity and abundance] in your life unlike you ever imagined!

And just what IS this mysterious habit, you ask?

Well, all I can say here is:

This habit lets you leverage the powers divine to manifest the life you want.

If you want the full story, [go check this fascinating report on these newly discovered teachings over here.]

And prepare to be amazed.

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