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Kid Caught in Blizzard – THIS Kept Him Alive

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Teen Stuck in Below Zero Temps – How He Survived

Freezing to death was the least of 19-year-old Ben’s worries when he left home for the University of ND after Christmas break.

The forecast was bitter cold and a small chance of snow… nothing scary for the average midwesterner with 4WD and a full tank of gas.

But as temperatures dropped to -2º, the oil in Ben’s car started to thicken… causing his engine to give out on an utterly barren stretch of I29.

Meanwhile, a “small chance of snow” turned into an 8-10” winter storm.

Ben called for help, but rescuers were still at least 2 hours from him given the conditions.

The temperature inside his car started dropping fast… then his body temperature started dropping as well.

Thankfully Ben’s mom was smart enough to tuck this Emergency Sleeping Bag in his glove box.

Within minutes the Emergency Sleeping Bag brought his core body temperature back up — and kept it there for hours until help finally arrived.

That’s because these miracle survival tools trap 90% of your body heat and reflect it back to you.

The Emergency Sleeping Bag is the most underrated survival tool of all time.

P.S. The Emergency Sleeping Bag is tiny. And many people own a few for their car, home, go bag and more.

Handing out overstock winter gear CHEAP!

With the seasons changing, it’s time we help ourselves out…

And help you out too by getting rid of some leftover winter gear.

Today you have a chance to get our Emergency Sleeping Bags for CHEAP.

In fact, you can get one for 50% OFF right here.

We’re liquidating this version of our super-popular sleeping bag for one simple reason.

Next year’s model of the Emergency Sleeping Bag will be getting our logo on it.

And since these do not have a logo we’re going to sell them for cheap to make room for the new ones when they come in the winter.

Remember, you can get one for 50% OFF here as well as getting multiple for an even steeper discount there too!

P.S. Ever wonder what makes the Emergency Sleeping Bag so great?

  • 100x lighter than a regular sleeping bag
  • Smaller than a soda can
  • Expands to fit anyone
  • 100% windproof and waterproof
  • Proven to work

Click Here to get one 50% OFF while they’re still available.

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