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Health and Fitness

What’s The #1 Ingredient That Immediately Halts Your Cravings…?

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If You’re Ready To Make A Weight Loss Diet Laughably Easy, Read Below…

Spend just one week in the Ancient Tibetan village of Khumjung, and a very interesting phenomenon happens inside your body…

Hunger becomes a mere afterthought.

You’re shocked how you have virtually zero desire for junk foods, and easily satisfied with one main ingredient.

It’s a superfood found buried deep in its jungles. And the people there are among the healthiest, fittest, and happiest on the planet.

Obesity is virtually non-existent. The word ‘diet’ is not even in their vocabulary. They just eat to their hearts’ desires without hardly gaining a pound.

In fact, the average weight in this Khumjung holy village… is approximately 161 lbs for adults.

And it’s all because of a superbly nutritious plant that’s 25x healthier than spinach.

8 months had gone by since Sydney had gotten more than 3 hours of sleep. 

The minute her head hit the pillow, her mind started racing at a million miles an hour. 

>>Before she discovered this natural formula, it didn’t matter what pills or routines she tried: 

Going on 6 mile walks. 

Meditating before bed. 

Keeping a thought journal next to her and writing down what she thinks about as the night goes on. 

Her brain just would not turn off!

None of her friends seemed to understand what it was like to never be able to sleep. 

They all told her things like, “just go to bed earlier!”

Or “Have you tried melatonin? That really works for me!”

As if she hadn’t tried melatonin…

She tried taking melatonin, benadryl, tramadol muscle relaxers…

The only thing that seemed to work was Ambien.

But she didn’t like the idea that she’d never be able to sleep without them. 

Plus when she did take them, she usually woke up feeling groggy and not well rested. 

She felt hopeless…

>>Until she discovered this ancient remedy that worked better & safer than ambien

See there’s a HUGE problem with sleeping pills. 

Although they DO put you to sleep…

It’s more like inducing an 8 hour coma than it is the normal restful sleep you probably got in your 20’s and 30’s. 

Obviously if the only way you can fall asleep is with sleeping pills, it’s better than nothing. 

But there are natural alternatives you can use that may just work just as well. 

Like the ingredient in this tea that nuns used in the 1600’s to knock-out their patients…

And is even still used today as a form of natural anesthesia for surgery!

On the next page, find out why this natural ingredient in this knock-out tea works as good as ambien WITHOUT the side effects.

>> Don’t drink this if you have to drive, ONLY drink before you go to bed (will knock you out in 20 minutes)

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